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At Dental Specialist Center, our dentists place special emphasis on delivering superior dental service in a friendly atmosphere.

Our patients are an integral part of the Dental Specialist Center family, and our highly qualified team of consultants and specialists are on hand to provide you with the highest quality treatment using the latest technologies and field expertise.

Our team approach to decision-making in relation to your planned treatment both gives you the benefit of having multiple experts consider your case, and maximizes the chances of success of any chosen treatment.

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At Dental Specialist Center, we offer a range of different services that are all carried out using the latest methods and modern techniques. From root canal treatments to dental implants to braces, our consultants are experts in their fields and you can rest assured that you will be in good hands.

Here at DSC, we know that no two patients are alike. Our team is trained to provide the special care necessary for all types of patients, whether they be those who suffer from additional medical complications such as diabetes or high blood pressure, or those of a young age

Additionally,  DSC recognizes that some dental emergencies can be severe, so the Center also offers emergency dental treatment [have a hyperlink on “emergency” which links to a page with the phone number/details] for situations requiring urgent care.

We want to expand our team and are looking for:

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